Christian Initiation of Adults


One day St. John the Baptist was with two of his disciples when the Lord Jesus walked by.  Looking at Jesus, the Baptist exclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God!”  The two disciples left the Baptist and followed Jesus. The desire to follow the Lord Jesus in the Catholic Faith is a gift from God.  Jesus turned to face them and asked, “What do you seek?” Responding to Jesus the two replied, “Teacher, where are you staying?” Jesus said to them, “Come and see.”  (John 1:35-39) The desire to learn more about Jesus and the Catholic Faith is also a gift from God.

Jesus may be asking you, “What do you seek?”  Are you:

  • an adult who has not been baptized;
  • an adult who was baptized into another Christian faith;
  • an adult who was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Faith but who has not received First Holy Communion or Confirmation;
  • an adult who was baptized as a Catholic but who has not been in union with the Church for some time and who wishes to renew your Faith.

Jesus may be inviting you to “Come and see.” There are two parallel and simultaneous aspects in your response to Jesus’ invitation. One is the personal experience in which you will look at your relationship with God and, with the help of God’s grace, decide if you will embrace the Catholic Faith. The second is gathering for several months with others who are also inquiring about the Catholic Faith to ask questions.

If Jesus is beckoning you to follow Him in the Catholic Faith, then after these initial gatherings is a time to engage in discussion and receive instructions in the Catholic Faith.  The highpoint is the receiving the sacraments of the Catholic Church at Easter and the Easter Season.

We meet every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Parish Center at 13360 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks starting in September.  If you are interesting in becoming a Catholic or in sponsoring someone who is, please call the Parish Center at 818-784-0105 and leave your name and telephone number.

Adult Confirmation

If you are baptized and have made your First Holy Communion and are 18 years of age but have not yet been confirmed – these are the sessions for you. These 8 evening sessions of Confirmation Preparation are held starting Tuesday’s in January in the Parish Center at 7:00 pm, preparing for Confirmation in the Easter Season.