MarriageGod is the author of marriage, the intimate partnership of the life and love of a man and a woman. It is true to say that the vocation of marriage came from God the Creator and is a reflection of the love that is God, in whose likeness we are created.

The purpose of marriage is to bring about both the enrichment and personal fulfillment of the couple and the continuation of the human race by bringing children into the world. It is difficult to separate these two goals because one bring about and strengthens the other.

Some of the graces of marriage are:

  • The grace of dialogue or communication which enables spouses to better understand themselves and express their feelings to each other
  • The grace of unity which helps a couple solve problems which are divisive,
  • The grace of healing wounds caused by acts of selfishness, uncharitableness, etc, by the spouses
  • The grace of parenthood which assists parents in raising and educating their children
  • The grace of sanctification which assists spouses in helping each other remove all forms of evil and sin from their home and acquire virtuous habits and conduct.


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