Weekly Bulletin, April 30, 2017- Third Sunday of Easter

Weekly Bulletin, April 30, 2017- Third Sunday of Easter



8:15 AM – In Memory of Victoria Swakenberg

5:00 PM – In Memory of Lucillle C. Gaudioso


8:00 AM – In Memory of Anna Ciancaglini

10:00 AM – In Memory of John Hanulik

12:00 PM – For the Intentions of the Parish

5:00 PM – In Memory of Candice Rogers


8:15 AM – In Memory of Paul Krawczyk


8:15 AM – In Memory of Burke Mucho


8:15 AM – In Memory of Joseph Nauseda


8:15 AM – In Memory of Gabrielle Morrow


8:15 AM – In Memory of Leonor Morcia


8:15 AM – For the Intentions of the Barrios Family

5:00 PM – In Memory of Louise Payak




Tom and Judy King, Roberta Pournelle, Marie Schewe, Jonathan Masse, Gus Tzanetopoulos, Greg Vossberg, Bill Ferguson, Virginia Johnson,Travis Kula, Gus Calderon,  Robert Willing, Joe Hotard, Jeannie Wagner-Gallardo,Bobby Mayer, Corazon Somosa Pag-ong, Allison Pinto, Buster Miscusi, Gayle-Lynne Gordon, N. Fillion,Phillip Goldin,  Richard Shoff, Frances Loffarelli, Ezzie Crenshaw, Eileen Kenyon, Mary Downs, Jacki Hamilton, Maureen Backus, Steve Dee, Robert Rafanelli, Thomas Oliver, Keith Ayers, Rubi Rodriquez, Mary Jane Wileman, Maria Rita Valencia, Philip Graber, Michael Van Oudtshoorn, Ann Marie Interbitzen,David Di Pietro, Maria Schneider, David Bell, Josue Meza, Jake Peters, Claudia Herrington, Marta Collier, Enrique Valencia, Dionisios Nicholas, Crescentia Dedillo, Edward Yi, Jerry Pournelle, Daniel L. Chase, Patrick Healy, Marvin Robbins, Michael Greslie, Rose Ann Amari,  Norma Cuneo, Taylor Smith, Eleanor Cook, Margaret Mayer, Pat Curtin, Brenda Gindon, Hugh Caswell, Piper Collins, Joe Frattini, Dolores Kennedy, Jake Peters, Victor Raymundo, Elmer St.Amand, Breonna Rodriguez, Diane Burnsnide, Katie Matsumura, Bob Welsh, Mary Santino, Candace, George Babyak, Yolanda Salazar, Beverly Fairburn, Christina Lao, Cherie Allan, Pete Beerse, Olga D’Este, George Pitts, Sterling Thomas, Jeanne Burgess, Shirley Landau, Javier Castillo Jr., Stuart Slakoff, Tom Abbott, Estelle Gray,  Evelyn Bush, Charlie Anderson, Patrick Charles Pineda, Glenn Domohoski, Jose Armendariz, Colin McDaniel, Jimmy Brikho, Dylan Macauly, Benjamin Faurot, Jane Faurot, Josephine Ruscigno, Blake Cline, Marie O’Donovan, Ophelia Hernandez, Catherine Lizzo, Catherine Street, Rocco Carter, Alicia Gomez, Margaret Tarin Hensley, Faye Schafuss, Clarita Hernandez, Floyd Romeck, Theresia Hubel, Peter Thompson, Calleigh Stone, Rocco Wren, Cailin Stroyke, Melissa Manning Wilmot, Steve Mccahulk, Emma Ramirez, Cynthia Kotzman, Nellie B. Rodriguez and Teresa Piňa-Jiminez

Visiting the sick is one of the corporal works of mercy. Praying for the sick is a wonderful action of kindness. We wish to respect our brothers and sisters who are sick by praying for them. The one who is ill or one who is able to speak on behalf of the one who is ill must ask to have a name placed in the bulletin. We also wish periodic updates. After three months on this list it is reasonable that the person has improved and the name no longer present. If the prayers for the person need to be renewed please call the Parish Center.

 We would like to bring Holy Communion to our sick and homebound. Please call the Parish Center at 818-784- 0105 and leave your name and phone number. We can then connect to our sick and recovering and homebound and bring them the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion.


Pray For The Dead  Joe Hotard, Diann Lindgren and Jacquelin O’Connor Northrup




Week of 04/20-04/26 collection.

Collection $ 9,973.00

Parish Pay $ 1,773.00

Total $11,746.00

Thank you for your

generous contributions.

Knights of Columbus

5th Sunday Rosary

Sunday, April 30th 9:30 am

First Friday Adoration

Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament will take place following the 8:15 a.m. Mass on Friday, May 5th. Benediction will take place right after Mass.

Contemporary Folk Group

Your St. Francis de Sales Folk Group will help you lift your hearts and minds in song and prayer to the Lord. Join us at the 10 am Mass on May 7th, The Mass on the Grass, 5 pm Mass on May 13th, 5 pm Mass on June 3rd and 5 pm Mass on June 24th.

Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women

All women of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are cordially invited to attend the 13th Annual Spring Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Archbishop Jose Gomez will offer the Mass and Msgr. James Gehl, Spiritual Advisor, will be the homilist. The Crowning of the Blessed Mother will take place at 9:50 am and the Mass will begin at 10:00 am. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels 555 Temple St. Los Angeles 90012

Pregnancy Counseling Center Fundraiser

Please join us at Presto Pasta on May 2nd, 2017, for an eating fundraiser in honor of the Pregnancy Counseling Center. Just Mention the “Center” and they will donate 20% of your entire bill to the. Presto Pasta, 17923 Chatsworth St., 818 360-7737. See their menu on line prestopasta.com.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Your love as husband and wife is a gift to one another as well as a gift from God. Attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend to receive the tools needed to make the most of this precious gift. Deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending the next WWME weekend July 28-30 in Simi Valley. Go online to www.twocanlove.org for more information. We help make good marriages better.

St. Francis de Sales Festival, 2017

     The Saint Francis de Sales annual festival is just around the corner! Join us for the best Festival in the Valley! This year’s theme is “Hollywood’s Pets.” Friday, May 5th from 6-11pm, Saturday, May 6th from Noon-11 pm and Sunday May 7th, from Noon- 7:30 pm.

     Non-Stop Live Entertainment, Fireworks, Rides Carnival Games, Great Food, Sweet Tooth Booth, Coffee, Silent and Live Auctions, Free admission…and lots of Family Fun. Contact Tony and Marcella Bell or tbell5000@yahoo.com or (818) 681-7276.

Fr. Jerry O’Mahony, MSC

Update on Fr. Jerry O’Mahony, MSC We checked into our hotel and then drove over to the Padua House to see Fr. Jerry. We pictured a dreary place like so many other facilities we have seen. We were pleasantly surprised to drive up to a very serene Franciscan building that was built by the Franciscan order for Catholic priests to go in their last stages of life. The staff is very comforting, caring and cheerful! There are 15 priests there and very obvious the staff is Catholic with deep respect for the priests. The chapel is beautiful and we knelt and prayed with tears on my part rolling down! Although Fr. Jerry was happy to see us, he told us over and over he is 92 and ready to leave this earth! Yesterday we returned and he was much better! He has a very comfortable recliner that he sits in and he was interested in talking about his life!

He does miss SFDS parish and asked many questions bout the parish. Here is his the address:

Fr. Jerry O’Mahony, MSC

Padua Place

80 Peter Baque Road

San Antonio TX 78209.


This year’s St. Francis de Sales Spring Festival will be held on May 5-7, 2017, and the popular SFDS Grand Raffle is returning! During the weekend of April 29th, we will be selling raffle tickets after each Mass. On May 8th, we also will be selling tickets directly after the 10:00 a.m. Festival “Mass on the Grass.” For a $5 donation, you receive a chance to win $5,000 (1st), $500 (2nd) or $250 (3rd). A book of 12 tickets costs $50 and gives you 2 free chances to win! You do not need to be present to win. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laura Call at LPCALL@YAHOO.COM. Many thanks for your continued support and good luck in the Raffle!

Notre Dame Summer Knights

     Notre Dame High School is pleased to announce that this summer, in addition to our annual summer sports camp, we are offering a number of enrichment courses and special camps for students entering grades 5-8 in the Fall. (Current 4th-7th graders are invited to apply.) There are offerings in areas such as the visual and performing arts, debate camp, tech camp, hspt prep, math and English enrichment, introduction to French, American Sign Language, sports medicine, and many more. For more information and the link to register please visit: ndhs.org and click on the Summer Knights logo. Registration is open and courses are available on a first come first served basis.

The Saint Francis De Sales Parish Cookbook

E-mail your order in to sfdsrecipes@gmail.com

Mail in your check to school with ‘Attn: Cookbook Orders” on the envelope to Saint Francis De Sales, 13368 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks, California 91423.

Cookbooks are $30 each or two for $55 –

Thursday Evening Bible Study

Is the Bible confusing? Is the Bible mysterious? Challenged by those who quote the Bible?

Come and become more familiar with the Bible as it is meant to be read, in a group, sharing insights with others on Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM and every other Thursday evening at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center (except in observance of Holidays and Holy Days of Obligation).

Deepen your understanding of the Bible and Catholic faith by enjoying interactive sessions with fellow parishioners. In addition to using the assigned text, the group also uses, among other things, The Catholic Study Bible, Personal Study Edition: New American Bible, Jean Marie Hiesberger, Ed., Oxford University Press, 2007. Please join us.



9:00am-10:30 am-Legion of Mary, Parish Center.


9:00am-CRE Classes and Mass.

9:30am-5th Sunday Rosary. Main Church.

See below right..

Wednesday 05/03

7:00pm-WCCM Meditation meeting, Parish Center.

7:00pm-DivorceCare. Parish Center.

Thursday 05/04

9:00am-Bible Study, Parish Center.


8:15-First Friday Adoration Mass.

6:00pm-11:00pm-SFDS Festival. See below.

Saturday 05/07 HOLLYWOOD’S PETS

9:00am-10:30 am-Legion of Mary, Parish Center.

12:00pm-11:00pm-SFDS Festival. See below.


10:00am-Mass on the Grass with the

Contemporary Folk Group.

12:00pm-7:30pm-SFDS Festival. See below.


“Making America Great Again” begins with respecting life from conception to natural death. As Americans, we need to affirm that the right to life outweighs all other rights. The pro life movement also needs to continue its support of women who have unintended pregnancies. No woman should ever feel that abortion is her only option. Love of mother and love of child will transform our country, but laws alone will not abolish abortion in our lifetime. Real cultural change in American will only happen with a change of heart. Hopefully this year’s March for Life, along with other pro life activities and events, will awaken America’s conscience. Abortion should not only be illegal–it should be unimaginable. Our pro life work has only just begun.

Ken Sims-National Catholic Register


The best way of describing the experience of meditation is as a “returning to the center”, a coming home. This home is the Kingdom of Heaven -the kingdom within the heart of each of us, where His Spirit dwells in communion. We must make contact with this Spirit at the Heart of all creation – where All is One. This is wisdom. Discipline, focus and above all -we must, be silent – and then let go. This is the way to the center. Every WEDNESDAY at 7:00 PM we meet in the Parish Center. We welcome you to join us. All information about this Global Organization is on line at wccm.org.

SFDS contact, Ms S. Eggar. senotme3@gmail.com


Implementing national mandate to protect children

2017 marks 15 years since the establishment of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Archdiocese has made an ongoing commitment over the past 15 years to implement the Charter by providing education and tools to help protect children and young people from child sexual abuse and other threats to their safety. Since 2002, the Archdiocese has trained 300,000 adults and more than 1.4 million children. For more information, visit http://www.laarchdiocese.org/org/protecting/Pages/default.aspx


New parishioners, and/or parishioners wishing to update your registration information, may fill out this online form.

Your personalized envelopes will be mailed to you from the printing company in about 8 TO 12 weeks after your registration has been processed.

If you use the envelopes in the pews, please make sure that you mark your first and family name and your envelope number. Please inform the Parish Center of any changes, i.e., your address or e-mail so that we may keep our records current