Weekly Bulletin February 18, 2018- First Sunday of Lent

Weekly Bulletin February 18, 2018- First Sunday of Lent



8:15 AM – In Memory of Emily Sant Amour

5:00 PM – In Memory of John Loughlin


8:00 AM – In Memory of Beatrice Nicholas

10:00 AM – In Memory of Diane Vogelsang

12:00 PM – In Memory of Kathy Glascock

5:00 PM – In Memory of Ralph Semenza


8:15 AM – In Memory of Michael Largo


8:15 AM – Anniversary Mass for the Deceased Souls of the San Fernando Mission


8:15 AM – In Memory of Don Lowart


8:15 AM – In Memory of Betty Turner


8:15 AM – In Memory of Edelburgo Pag-Ong


8:15 AM – In Memory of Brian Keith Connors

5:00 PM In Memory of Lucille C. Gaudioso



Fran Hurton, Sheila Seymour, Joann Ford, Raymond Puodziunas, Douglas Wright, Carlyn Calloway, Ron Starr, Mary Henriksen, James Barnes,Erik Flemming, Dominic Mantei, Edith Reeves, Stefanie Gabler, Katherine Sierpinski, Ramonita Ebro, Jake Patterson,Jeff O’Hara, Rose Rios, Austen Canzano, Tom and Judy King, Roberta Pournelle, Marie Schewe, Jonathan Masse, Gus Tzanetopoulos, Greg Vossberg, Bill Ferguson, Virginia Johnson,Travis Kula, Gus Calderon,  Robert Willing, Joe Hotard, Bobby Mayer, Corazon Somosa Pag-ong, Allison Pinto, Buster Miscusi, Gayle-Lynne Gordon, Richard Shoff, Frances Loffarelli, Ezzie Crenshaw, Eileen Kenyon, Mary Downs,  Maureen Backus, Steve Dee, Robert Rafanelli, Thomas Oliver, Keith Ayers, Rubi Rodriquez, Mary Jane Wileman, Maria Rita Valencia, Philip Graber, Michael Van Oudtshoorn, Ann Marie Interbitzen,David Di Pietro, Maria Schneider, David Bell, Josue Meza, Jake Peters, Claudia Herrington, Marta Collier, Enrique Valencia, Dionisios Nicholas, Crescentia Dedillo, Edward Yi, Jerry Pournelle, Daniel L. Chase, Patrick Healy, Marvin Robbins, Michael Greslie, Rose Ann Amari,  Norma Cuneo, Taylor Smith, Eleanor Cook, Margaret Mayer, Brenda Gindon, Hugh Caswell, Piper Collins, Joe Frattini, Dolores Kennedy, Jake Peters, Victor Raymundo, Elmer St.Amand, Breonna Rodriguez, Diane Burnsnide, Katie Matsumura, Bob Welsh, Mary Santino, Candace, George Babyak, Yolanda Salazar, Beverly Fairburn, Christina Lao, Cherie Allan, Pete Beerse, Olga D’Este, George Pitts, Sterling Thomas, Jeanne Burgess, Shirley Landau, Javier Castillo Jr., Stuart Slakoff, Tom Abbott, Estelle Gray,  Evelyn Bush, Charlie Anderson, Patrick Charles Pineda, Glenn Domohoski, Jose Armendariz, Colin McDaniel, Jimmy Brikho, Dylan Macauly, Benjamin Faurot, Jane Faurot, Josephine Ruscigno, Blake Cline, Marie O’Donovan, Ophelia Hernandez, Catherine Lizzo, Catherine Street, Rocco Carter, Alicia Gomez, Margaret Tarin Hensley, Faye Schafuss, Clarita Hernandez, Floyd Romeck, Theresia Hubel, Peter Thompson, Calleigh Stone, Rocco Wren, Cailin Stroyke, Melissa Manning Wilmot, Steve Mccahulk, Emma Ramirez, Cynthia Kotzman, Nellie B. Rodriguez and Teresa Piňa-Jiminez

Visiting the sick is one of the corporal works of mercy. Praying for the sick is a wonderful action of kindness. We wish to respect our brothers and sisters who are sick by praying for them. The one who is ill or one who is able to speak on behalf of the one who is ill must ask to have a name placed in the bulletin. We also wish periodic updates. After three months on this list it is reasonable that the person has improved and the name no longer present. If the prayers for the person need to be renewed please call the Parish Center.

 We would like to bring Holy Communion to our sick and homebound. Please call the Parish Center at 818-784- 0105 and leave your name and phone number. We can then connect to our sick and recovering and homebound and bring them the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion.



Week of 02/15-02/21 Collection.

Collection $11,428.00

Faith Direct $ 1,773.00

Total $12,201.00

Thank you for your

generous contributions.


Pray For The Dead Ron Scott

Lenten Penance Services

Our Lady of Lourdes Tuesday, March 6th 7:30pm

St. John Eudes Thursday, March 8th 7:00pm

St. Francis de Sales Monday, March 12th 7:00pm

St. Joseph the Worker Monday, March 12th 7:00pm

St. Catherine of Siena Tuesday, March 13th 7:00pm

Our Lady of the Valley Thursday, March 15th 7:30pm

St. Bernardine of Siena Monday, March 19th 7:00pm

St. Cyril of Jerusalem Monday, March 19th 7:00pm

St. Mel Tuesday, March 20th 7:00pm

St. Euphrasia @St. John

Baptist de la Salle Thursday, March 22nd 7:00pm

St. John Baptist de la Salle Thursday, March 22nd 7:00pm

St. Bridget of Sweden Friday, March 23rd 7:00pm

Our Lady of Grace Tuesday, March 27th 7:00pm

What is 40 Days For Life?

40 Days For Life is a peaceful and prayerful pro-life Campaign. It is a peaceful vigil at abortion centers that resulted in saving 14,000 babies from abortion and closed 90 abortion centers. More Volunteers are needed. Additional information is in the flyer next week. Questions, please call:Tom O’Malley (818) 986-6369.

2018 IS HERE!

The Pregnancy Counseling Center has some

great opportunities for…

Volunteers –

Join us at our 2018 PCC Volunteer Training which begins 1/26/18. Please contact Norma Cano, Client Service Director at 818/895-2500 or e-mail norma@pregnanthelp4u. org to find out how you can receive your Volunteer Application Packet!

Volunteer Nurses –

We are also needed (LVN or higher) to perform pregnancy tests and provide education regarding pregnancy options. Training will be provided. We would love to hear from you!

Thank You From Concern America

On October 22, 2017, hand-crafted textiles, baskets, ceramics and wood products from Concern America were displayed. As a community of the faithful, you were generous in purchasing handcrafts valued at $819.50. We are very grateful to Rev. Michael Wakefield for his hospitality and support, and to everyone who purchased handcrafts. Through your generosity you have helped to spread hope for a better future to hundreds of economically disadvantaged people in many developing countries throughout the world. Thank you! For information about Concern America’s many programs or if you would like to see a selection of Concern America crafts, you are invited to visit our web site at concernamerica.org. To place an order for something you saw at the sale, please call our office at (800) CON-CERN (800-266-2376).

Hope for Troubled Marriages

Retrouvaille (REH-tro-v-eye) is a peer marriage ministry program that has helped thousands of married couples who are experiencing disillusion or misery in their marriage, even separated or divorced, rediscover a loving marriage relationship. The program begins with a weekend stay followed by a series of post-weekend sessions. For information, including cost, or to register for the next Los Angeles program beginning with a weekend on March 9-11, 2018, please call 909-900-5465 or email: 6006@retrouvaille.org. For more information, visit HelpOurMarriage.com.

Year End Church Contribution Statements

If you receive and contribute through our church envelope system and need a year end statement of your church contributions for 2016, please call the Parish Center at (818)784-0105. A statement will be printed and mailed to you.

Contemporary Folk Group

Your St. Francis de Sales Folk Group will help you lift your hearts and minds in song and prayer to the Lord during these Saturday Masses at 5 pm. Join us! February  24th, March 10th and 24th.

Divorce Support Group at St. Francis De Sales

Divorce is a life-changing journey and we’re here to help. Are you separated or considering divorce? Even if you went through your divorce years ago, consider the benefits of

Divorce Care.

DivorceCare is a faith-based program that provides a forum and resources to help you deal with the pain of separation and/or divorce and look forward to rebuilding your life.

Your DivorceCare experience begins each week as your group watches a topic-specific DVD which covers topics essential to your recovery from the hurt of separation or divorce. The DVD’s feature therapists, ministers and real life stories of people who have experienced divorce.

The DivorceCare program will be starting on Wednesday, March 14th at 7-8:30 pm in the St. Francis De Sales Parish Center.

This group will meet EVERY WEDNESDAY for 14 weeks, with the last meeting on June 6th.

For more information and to register to go www.divorcecare.org

Cost for the book is $20.

Space is limited so email today to reserve your place.

Email: SFDSDivorceCare@gmail.com

Contact’s: Stephenie Hope & Jen Bowen

The Saint Francis De Sales Parish Cookbook

E-mail your order in to sfdsrecipes@gmail.com

Mail in your check to school with ‘Attn: Cookbook Orders” on the envelope to Saint Francis De Sales, 13368 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks, California 91423.

Cookbooks are $10 each

Thursday Evening Bible Study

Is the Bible confusing? Is the Bible mysterious? Challenged by those who quote the Bible?

Come and become more familiar with the Bible as it is meant to be read, in a group, sharing insights with others on Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM and every other Thursday evening at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center (except in observance of Holidays and Holy Days of Obligation).

Deepen your understanding of the Bible and Catholic faith by enjoying interactive sessions with fellow parishioners. In addition to using the assigned text, the group also uses, among other things, The Catholic Study Bible, Personal Study Edition: New American Bible, Jean Marie Hiesberger, Ed., Oxford University Press, 2007. Please join us.


Saturday 02/17

9:00-10:30 am-Legion of Mary, Parish Center.

Sunday 02/18

No Confirmation classes.

No Religious Education classes.

10:00am-Little Church.

Monday 02/19 PRESIDENT’S DAY

Parish Center will be closed.

7:00pm-Adult Confirmation. Parish Center.

Wednesday 02/21

7:00pm- WCCM Meditation. Parish Center.

7:00pm-Welcome Back to the Catholic Faith. Parish Center.

Thursday 02/22

9:00am-Bible Study, Parish Center.

7:00pm-Evening Bible Study, Parish Center.

Saturday 02/24

9:00-10:30 am-Legion of Mary, Parish Center.

5:00pm-Mass with Contemporary Folk Group.

Sunday 02/25

8:45am-Confirmation classes.

9:00am-Religious Education classes.

10:00am-Little Church.


Jack and Barbara Willke’s 1971 classic, Handbook on Abortion, detailed the physiology and biology of fetal development, while subsequent technology opened a window to the womb so as to show what the Willkeses told. There’s no denying that an unborn child has a heartbeat at around 20 days after conception or brainwaves by 40. Those facts have been known for 50 years. “And for 50 years, Western countries have allowed abortion, with the United States maintaining one of the most liberal abortion regimes on the planet. “The truth is that the plain and simple biology of embryonic and fetal development has been obscured by philosophical agendas.

John M. Grondelski-National Catholic Register


The best way of describing the experience of meditation is as a “returning to the center”, a coming home. This home is the Kingdom of Heaven -the kingdom within the heart of each of us, where His Spirit dwells in communion. We must make contact with this Spirit at the Heart of all creation – where All is One. This is wisdom. Discipline, focus and above all -we must, be silent – and then let go. This is the way to the center. Every WEDNESDAY at 7:00 PM we meet in the Parish Center. We welcome you to join us. All information about this Global Organization is on line at wccm.org.

SFDS contact, Ms S. Eggar. senotme3@gmail.com


Establishing boundaries

Helping children understand that they have the right to establish boundaries if anyone tries to hurt them or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable is an important, but sometimes difficult, task. Establishing boundaries around touch is integral to keeping kids safe. Having regular, open conversations about safety is one of the best ways to help keep kids safe. Remind children that their bodies are their own, encourage them to talk about their concerns and listen respectfully when they do. For more information from kidsmartz.org visit,http://www.kidsmartz.org/~/media/ KidSmartz/ResourceDocuments/ KidSmartz_Setting_Physical_Boundaries.pdf.


New parishioners, and/or parishioners wishing to update your registration information, may fill out this online form.

Your personalized envelopes will be mailed to you from the printing company in about 8 TO 12 weeks after your registration has been processed.

If you use the envelopes in the pews, please make sure that you mark your first and family name and your envelope number. Please inform the Parish Center of

This Week’s Pastor’s Notes

This Week’s Pastor’s Notes

Together in Mission, 25th Anniversary-“Let us Love”

     As baptized Christians it is our responsibility to spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ. Your gift to Together in Mission ensures that throughout our Archdiocese there is a local parish to celebrate our universal faith and shine Christ’s light for others.

     If you have not made a gift in the past to Together in Mission I invite you to make a pledge of $100.00 payable over 10 months in honor of the 25th anniversary of the appeal. Your gift will serve as a generous act to join the community of people continuing to work to serve the poor in our Archdiocese.

     You can support Together in Mission with transfers of stock, gifts from qualified charitable distribution funds and estate gifts. For more information please visit www.ourmissionla.org/how-to-give or call at 213-637-7672.


Lenten Devotions

a. Daily Mass is the devotion par excellance. Our daily Mass is at 8:15 am.

b. The Stations of the Cross is a meditation on the last hours of the Lord Jesus from his condemnation by Pilate to the placing his body in the tomb. Through the Stations we see the Lord Jesus perfectly obedient to His Abba, freely allowing evil human machinations to unfold and Jesus’ act of supreme love which brings us eternal life. We pray the Stations of the Cross at 7:00 the Friday evenings of Lent.

c. The rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours and a short reading of Bible verses followed by brief meditation are also excellent Lenten practices.

d. Sunday Mass. Sunday Mass is the saving action which is essential for our Catholic lives; it is God gathering us as God’s holy people, renewing the one perfect sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary, making present for us that one perfect sacrifice and inviting us to unite ourselves to Jesus in that life-giving death and glorious resurrection. It is our weekly supper as God’s family at which the Lord speaks to us and then nourishes us with the Bread of Heaven.

e. Practice the corporal works of mercy: to feed the hungry; to give drink to the thirsty; To clothe the naked; To shelter the homeless; To visit the sick; To visit the prisoner; To bury the dead. (Mt. 25)

f. Practice the spiritual works of mercy: To instruct the ignorant; To counsel the doubtful; To admonish sinners; To bear wrongs patiently; To forgive offences willingly; To comfort the afflicted; To pray for the living and the dead. (Isaiah 58, Heb. 13)

St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Francis de Sales

     The conference volunteers of our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society is active and available to assist the needy for emergency services. If you know of someone who may be in need, please refer him/her to our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society hotline number 818-784-8825.

     Assisting the poor and needy is so at the heart of the Gospel that the Church encourages it in declaring it to be a corporal work of mercy. When you can give an hour or so a month to assist those in need, please call our parish hotline number 818-784-8825.

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2018
– Nor just for Religious Educators
The Religious Education Congress is ready to enrich and
revitalize us once more.
March 15 (Youth Day) and March 16 – 18 (Adult Days)
Anaheim Convention Center

All are welcome to attend! If you have never before attended Congress, it promises to be a wonderful experience. The Congress, sponsored by the Office of Religious Education of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, offers a variety of opportunities for personal faith enrichment. The weekend begins with Youth Day, gathering high school age youth to celebrate and strengthen their Catholic Faith through workshops and prayer opportunities. The weekend continues with three days focused for adults offering over 300 workshops, covering topics of interest from spirituality and personal development to Biblical Studies, theology and catechesis – there is a topic of interest for you. Other highlights include various prayer opportunities including liturgies and sacred space, film showcase and noontime and evening concerts. Do not miss out! Register now for this spirit-filled and enriching weekend! You may access the Registration Guidebook online and register by visiting www.RECongress.org. To obtain a Registration Guidebook,
contact your parish religious education office or call the RECongress info line at 213-637-7348.

Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center Guild

Spring Club Party 2018

“Putting on the Ritz”

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Place: Lakeside Golf Club

4500 Lakeside Drive


Reservations: $45.00 per person

Contact information: Terri Lee – 818-769-2119 or

Maria Balke – 818-902-1273

Pope Francis: Why we should go to Mass on Sundays

and not be slaves to work

At the December 13, 2017 general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the need to go to Mass on Sundays, and the need to rest on that day, abstaining from work and spending time with family and the community. “Many people ask why we should celebrate the Eucharist on Sundays. We could answer by saying that right from the start the disciples celebrated that day because it’s when the Lord rose from the dead, and we received the gift of the Holy Spirit,” he said. Pope Francis, citing the example of the disciples, also invited Catholics to go to “Mass on Sunday to find the risen Lord, or—more accurately—to let Him find us.” He highlighted the importance of listening to the Word of God and “feeding ourselves on the bread of life, in communion with the whole Church.” For the Catholic Church, the Eucharist is a sacrament which celebrates and makes present the mystery of Jesus’ resurrection. It commemorates the Last Supper of his life, replacing the celebration of the Jewish Passover. Pope Francis insisted that Sunday should be a day of rest that reminds us that we are not slaves of work and of professional obligations. “The celebration of the Sunday Eucharist gives meaning to the whole week, and also reminds us, as we rest from our occupations, that we are not slaves, but rather children of a Father who constantly invites us to put our hope in Him.” He also exhorted his listeners not to lose the meaning of Sunday and of the Eucharist. “For many people, unfortunately, Sunday Mass has lost its meaning; they think it’s enough if we are good and love each other. That’s necessary, but it’s not possible without the Lord’s help, without obtaining from the Lord the strength to do it,” he explained. The Bishop of Rome pointed out that, in the Eucharist, the faithful receive from the Lord what they need most: “The Lord Jesus gives us Himself as food, and encourages us to keep going.” “The Mass is also the prefiguration of the eternal banquet to which we are called; the Sunday without sunset, when there will be no crying, no mourning, but rather joy and the happiness of always being together with Jesus.” At the end, he greeted the pilgrims, and said, “Let us pray to the Lord for all the communities that cannot celebrate Mass each Sunday due to the lack of priests, or for other circumstances.”

2017-2018 Choir Calendar

2017-2018 Choir Calendar

SFDS Calendar

SFDS Calendar

Something good is always happening at St. Francis de Sales Parish. Click here to view our current interactive calendar of events.

St. Francis de Sales Church and School Map

St. Francis de Sales Church and School Map

Weekly Mass Schedule

Weekly Mass Schedule



5:00 PM – Msgr. Larkin


8:00 AM – Fr. Emmanuel

10:00 AM – Fr. Mike

12:00 PM – Fr. Ron

1:30 PM – Fr. Mike – Baptisms

5:00 PM – Fr. Mike


5:00 PM – Fr. Mike


8:00 AM – Fr. Mike

10:00 AM – Msgr. Larkin

12:00 PM – Fr. Mike

5:00 PM – Fr. Emmanuel


8:15 AM – Fr. Mike

12:05 PM – Fr. Emmanuel

7:00 PM – Fr. Mike


5:00 PM – Fr. Emmanuel


8:00 AM – Fr. Emmanuel

10:00 AM – Fr. Mike

12:00 PM – Msgr. Larkin

5:00 PM – Fr. Mike


5:00 PM – Msgr. Larkin


8:00 AM – Fr. Mike

10:00 AM – Fr. Mike

12:00 PM – Fr. Emmanuel

5:00 PM – Fr. Emmanuel


5:00 PM – Fr. Emmanuel


8:00 AM – Fr. Emmanuel

10:00 AM – Msgr. Larkin

12:00 PM – Fr. Mike

1:30 PM – Fr. Mike – Baptisms

5:00 PM – Fr. Mike

Click here for the St. Francis de Sales February  lector schedule ReadersFeb2018

Click here for the St. Francis de Sales Ministers of the Eucharist schedule for February EMFeb2018

Mass Intentions for February 24, 2018

Mass Intentions for February 24, 2018



8:15 AM – In Memory of Brian Keith Connors

5:00 PM – In Memory of Lucille C. Gaudioso


8:00 AM – In Memory of Joe Baker

10:00 AM – In Memory of Monte Arkus

12:00 PM – In Memory of Gerda Sullivan

5:00 PM – In Memory of Carmine Marinelli


8:15 AM – In Memory of Edelburgo Pag-Ong


8:15 AM – In Memory of Auturo Chavez


8:15 AM – For the Intentions of the Campain Family


8:15 AM – In Memory of Ghada Deeb


8:15 AM – In Memory of Eduardo & Toribia Tagle


8:15 AM – For the Intentions of Sal Abascal

5:00 PM In Memory of Sue & Frank Adams – McCafferty


Formed – The Catholic Faith on Demand

Formed – The Catholic Faith on Demand

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